An augmented Holiday experience


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What is AR?

Augmented reality, or AR, integrates digital elements into the world and are visible using a device's camera.

Supported devices?

Works with Apple ARKit and supports the following devices:
iPhone 6s/ 6s+, iPhone 7/ 7+, iPhone SE, iPhone 8/ 8+, iPhone X, iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation)

Help detecting planes.

The app uses the camera on your device to find and detect surfaces & planes. Ensure that there is adequate lighting. Move the camera slowly back and forth with your camera pointed directly at surface you are trying to place the object on.


Touch and hold screen to grab the object. Tap screen to place the object on targeted area. Once placed, touch and hold screen to grab and move the object in the placement plane. Tap the object to bring it back. At any time swipe left or right on the screen to rotate the object.


Tap the selfie icon to capture an image to display inside of the globe. Tap again to remove.

How can I share my captured images?

You can save a photo to your phone's camera roll. From there, its up to you.